The LEED v4 guide states that, "Projects outside the U.S. may use products tested and deemed compliant with either .... French legislation on VOC emission class labeling". In France the emissions rating ranges from C to A+. (see explination : http://www.eurofins.com/product-testing-services.aspx/information/compli...)

The Eurofins website states that the, "US GBC operates a list of common low VOC rating systems that allow showing product compliance. Some of them are directly compliant, such as the Indoor Air Comfort GOLD program; other ones are compliant only if the test report shows low formaldehyde emissions of max. 10 µg/m³ after 28 days the reference room, in line with the French A+ class.

Can you confirm that only products with a label "Air Comfort GOLD" or "French A+" are accepted by USGBC?