The LEED V4 guidebook states under the bold headline: Additional VOC content requirements for wet applied products. In addition to meeting the  general emissions evaluation, on-site wet-applied products must not contain excessive levels of VOC's....To demonstrate compliance, a product or layer must meet the following requirements, as applicable. Disclosure of VOC content must be made by the manufacturer. Any testing must follow the test method specified in the applicable regulation.

When it comes to completing the Low Emitting Materials Calculator: Option 1. Product category calculations, I have completed the General Emissions Evaluation tab and all materials are documented. In addition, I have documentation of actual VOC content of all on-site wet applied products according to the applicable regulation. My question is with regard to the remainder of the VOC Content tab Wet-Applied Products Volume Used column. This column seems to apply for option 2: VOC Budget. Is this column required to be completed if option 1 is being pursued and all products meet the General Emissions Evaluation and VOC content regulations?