Dear all,

I submit this question to in November but I have not yet received a response so I ask you for help.

We have 2 problems with the low emitting materials calculator :

1) Since October it is possible to comply with composite wood evaluation being class A or A+ (French VOC emissions labeling) but this update is not available in the calculator. The only choices are ULEF, NAUF or salvaged or reused. Plus, the third party certifications and labels are not updated for VOC Content for wet-applied category too.
Is there an update planned for this 2 points ?

2) Then in the instruction tab it's explained that each layers of a product must have the same assembly name. But when we enter the same assembly name on two lines there is this error message: "warning each assembly must have a unique name". So could you explain us what is the requirement of Option 2 :

- that each layer have its own contribution, then the calculator performs correctly (each area layer is recognized in the same line in the summary tab)

- or that we count the contribution of the assembly product, made of different layer (in that case, each layer of a product is connected). In that interpretation, we think that the calculator doesn't work because of the error message and the problem to refresh the list.

Can we use our own calculator or must we use this one ?

Thank you