I'd like a little more clarity on "posting information regarding the building's nonsmoking policy in prominent locations throughout the building."

We are a winery with a production facility, offices, and a tasting room. While we already have in place a no smoking policy, we do not have permanent "No Smoking" signs. For our main entrance, which is the entrance our customers use, is it acceptable to place a standing sign at the roads edge (near the main entrance) that reads "No Smoking Within 25ft of our Building"? The key parts that I'd like direction on are the location of the sign and the wording. An earlier post recommended adding the "25 feet" wording as it is one of the main requirements in this prerequisite, but not necessarily the "building entries, outdoor air intakes, etc."

This would be similar to our "Open for Tasting/Closed for Tasting" sign as it is free-standing and at the roads edge. The issue here is mostly aesthetic- we have very few permanent signs on our buildings, except where mandated by code.

We are more flexible for our other entries- the main production entry, main admin entry, etc. but I'd like to be very clear about how many signs really need to go up. Is it acceptable to place typical signage (not free standing) at one major entrance of each of our buildings instead of every single possible entrance?

We would also post the complete No Smoking Policy on our bulletin board in the employee break room and other high-traffic areas.