Curious if anyone has submitted this strategy, successfully or not, or has any other insight - I took over this project after construction documentation was finished so I'm not sure what the thinking behind it was. Basically the municipal utility for the city the project is in sources its power from a generation company whose portfolio is about 80% (by kwh) renewables. The project submitted a letter from the utility verifying that number. 

The review comments are asking for a two-year contract and verification of green-e equivalency. The contract requirement doesn't really seem applicable as there's no contract per se for the project to use the local power grid. And I'm not sure Green-e equivalency applies to a generation company, as opposed to an entity selling RECs.

So I'm thinking either 1) this strategy is a no-go in the first place, but the reviewer did not comment as such or 2) this is an option, but good luck documenting it. It's one of those things I swear I've come across before in my LEED experience, but can't find in writing anywhere. Worth looking into further, or just tell the owner it's not going to happen?