A couple important bits of intel from my research in the last few days.
1. Any product that has undergone emissions testing based on CDPH Standard Method v1.1–2010 has actually had the 14-day TVOC test done. This includes (but isn't limited to) anything that's certified Indoor Advantage Gold, Greenguard, Floor Score, CRI Green Label Plus, etc. Some manufacturers or their reps may not realize they have this data. If they've been certified under any CDPH Method-based program, they do have it, and in order to comply, they just need to hand it over to you. Some manufacturers may be reluctant to hand it over because their total VOCs are high. Remember that a high TVOC number doesn't disqualify the product.
2. Greenguard Gold requires products to meet the lowest total VOC threshold on the 14-day test. This means that any Greenguard Gold-certified product AUTOMATICALLY meets this credit because the manufacturer has in effect disclosed to you that its product falls into the lowest emissions tier for TVOCs.
3. In addition, that TVOC info is also now disclosed on GG Gold cetificates. It's my understanding that new Indoor Advantage Gold certs should now have the TVOC dislcosure as well. I'm not sure when other programs plan to follow.
I hope this is helpful for anyone who's struggling to meet the requirements. This credit HAS been achieved on non-beta projects, according to USGBC.