18 Feb 2010
1) Save form with active links only after first loading page. As soon as an edit is made, or page is saved, only printing is possible. After save, reload credit page and save to save form with active fields.
2) IDc1.x doesn't re-set calculation check for maximum EP allowable points.
3) IDc1.x doesn't re-set calculation check for duplicate EP associated credits.
4) Most forms require at the least something in at least each field before the check turns the N into Y.
5) iexplorer crashes at least once per hour.
6) no FireFox support.
7) WEp1 calculates kitchen faucets with flowrate 2.5 gpm instead of 2.2.
8) WEp1/WEc3 does not account for rainwater usage as per Userguide due to ongoing internal USGBC dabate over rainwater usage incorporation.
9) Flowfixture calculations are erroneous for the baseline case, because of point 7) above and other bugs...use with caution. Double check all calculations.