I have a question regarding the "Liability of the LEED Consultant":

A contract has been signed between a LEED consultant and the client in order to obtain a LEED certification for the project. No LEED level has been specified within the contract.

Throughout the process, the LEED consultant has done the paper work for some of the credits (Let's say 4/8 of the compulsory and the 20/43 optional ones; which equals to 35 documented points).

In the middle of the LEED process the client has changed his mind and wanted to cancel the contract for some reasons.
50% of the contract price has already been paid to the LEED consultant and 50% of the money has not been left.

How do we decide about the percentage of the work that the LEED consultant has completed and how do we make sure whether the LEED consultant received the right amount of money?

Could this be calculated by the credits that have been worked and documented on (in this case 24/51) or could this be by the number of points that the contractor have completed out of 110 (in this case 35/110)?

I look forward to receiving your ideas regarding this case.

Best regards,