We are forced to use the v4_v2009_Legal Wood ACP calculator_v02_0 calculator.

former we could enter the product price and the percentage of new wood certified.

In our case it will concern the wood doors with high PEFC certified wood portion. The PEFC certification is a % type certificate. This is commonly nice, because on the delivery forms the certificatenumber and the % of certified wood in the door is mentioned.  So we have imediatly the certified cost-portion of the doors.

The mentioned calculator only wants to know the "Description", "Product Type" in our case wood doors, "costs" o.k., "Sourcing" in our case PEFC-COC - that´s it.

We have the following questions:

1.) in the calculator we can´t fill in the 5-portion of certified wood - it´s all treated 100%. Is there a possibility to specity?

2.) the first rows of the Excel-sheet they want to know: 
Total value of non-wood permanently installed: that would be the whole material costs of the building less the wood doors and other wood? or only the costs of the not certified portion or cost portion of non-wood in the doors ?

Value of non-wood eligible products: that imlpies that we have investigatet for other materials beside wood if they´re eligible, what we have not done, because it´s a LEED v3 project. Or should we enter the portion of not certified wood/materials in our doors?

Value of wood eligible certified products: this should be the certified % cost-portion of our doors

I appreciate every hint.

sincerely Arwid