I have a question for you. As you know in Vietnam the motorbike is the most used vehicle. Can a motorbike be considered as a Low-emission vehicle (SS cr. 4.3)?
I have got some replies on this matter from other LEED expert and they all recognize that that bikes with internal combustion engines (as opposed to electric bikes) have no emission controls that a car would have, so while they may use less fuel than a car, they produce the most possible emissions (similar to a lawnmower engine). So if I do suggest to put electrical bike parking spots, would it be enough.
In particular for a project I am working for, the architect has already designed 332 spaces for motorbike and 349 for car. If I go for Opt.1 of this credit, I need to provide 17 parking spaces say for electrical bike and 17 parking spaces for low emitting car, or can I do the total (681) and provide 5% of 681 = 34 parking spaces for electrical bike?