there is an ACP available for CS projects that experience diffulties signing tenants as a result of COVID. 

If the project team ask GBCI with this specific language:

The LEED v4 CS project, PROJECT NUMBER / PROJECT NAME, deferred certain design credits to the construction application, in order to allow lease(s) to be executed. Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, lease execution was imminent for the building spaces. However, due to the economic uncertainty arising from the virus, all leasing has come to a complete stop, and it is unclear if/when the tenant spaces will be leased.  

The project is nearing substantial completion and intends to submit the LEED construction application for preliminary review in DATE. The project team is requesting an exception to the executed TSLA requirements.  

Then they will provide an ACP path to the project team that 'relaxes' some of the CS rules. 

hope this helps!