Hi all, 

I Would like to use LEED v4 Reference Guide District Enery System, Option 1, Path 3 "Streamlined Modeling" for a Building that has both Disctric Heating and Cooling. The building is Nonresidential and has more than 5 Floors. 

How should I look at Table G3.1.1A if both Purchased Heating and Cooling have source energy eletricity through Heat Pumps? Should I pick System 7 as it says Purchased Heat on top or should I keep the energy sources of the DES of the proposed case and use System 8 ?

I am asking this because in Option 1, Path 2 it is explicit that the Baseline energy cost should be calculated "using energy sources corresponding to the DES." but in Option 1, Path 3 the passage "The calculations for baseline cost per district energy source are the same as those for the proposed case model" is not so clear.

Thank you in advance.