How many valuable hours have you or your firm wasted waiting, reloading, navigating, bringing up templates, correcting templates, fixing errors, at LEED Online? How many governmental agencies have removed the word 'certification' and replaced it with the word 'equivalent' in ordinance, code and requirements?

I believe strongly that poor design, functionality and stability of LEED Online is and has been, a major contributor to the slowing and holding back adoption and perpetuation of LEED certification.

I am encouraging the community to put as much pressure as possible on USGBC/GBCI to focus efforts on overhauling LOL v3, then v4. I know efforts are in process with a release in the 1st quarter. I've been on the soon to be released revamp, and to say it falls short, is understatement.

A 'true' LOL overhaul should be a major focus and top priority. USGBC/GBCI should be overhauling LEED Online as it would any built environment. So far USGBC/GBCI isn't practicing what it preaches. The design of LEED Online should be designed with the full implementation of the 'Integrative Process', but it hasn't, as far as I what I've experienced. Code writers sit at their workstations and seem clueless.
Adobe should be jettisoned, first off. Code writers (designers) need to design per users (stakeholders-industry).
I know it's no easy task, but the entire industry depends on a user friendly, stable, template integrative, cross platform architecture to streamline certification.

LOL must be easy and quick to perpetuate sustainable, performance built environments, to transform the market, and create green buildings for all within a generation!

I've had conversations with several in Certification Operations at GBCI and it appears that they don't have the support they need to make this happen. How could this be?!

Please write, call, or walk into the offices of your USGBC/GBCI contacts and pressure them to create a well designed, user friendly, intuitive, stable, cross platform, template integrated, attractive LEED Online.