I just finished importing my data from the EC into the online LEED LCA Credit calculator and have a few questions and observations that might be helpful for others pursuing the credit.

Q1. I noticed that the LEED LCA calculator does not have a place to input the impacts associated with foundations and footings. For our project this was about 10-15% of our impact. Why has this been omitted from the calculator?

Q2. The LEED calculator asks for Global Warming in “kg”. I assume that this is kg CO2e?

O1. If people are cutting and pasting from EC into the LEED calculator, as suggested on the “User Supplied Impact Data” page, they should be aware that the order of impacts is not the same. In the EC Resource use follows Primary Energy, while in the LEED calculator GWP immediately follows Primary Energy.

O2. The units are NOT the same for many of the inputs. For example EC v 3.5 provides Resource Use and GWP in tonnes, while the LEED input is in kg. Similarly Respiratory, Eutrophication, and Smog are all off by 10e3 between the data provided by the EC and the input requested by the LEED calculator.