I wanted to get some clarity on LEED Interpretation 10498- https://www.usgbc.org/leedaddenda/10498

My project is a core and shell building in California with offices as the future tenants. 

The baseline building follows the ASHRAE 90.1 LPD for office spaces as 0.90w/sf. The finished spaces (core zones- restroom, storage, electric, mechanical rm) in the proposed building use as-designed LPDs and the unfinished spaces (future office) uses 0.72w/sf based on the Table 1 in the LEED interpretation. 

Is this methodology accurate??

LEED reviewer mentioned that there needs to be ONLY two LPD numbers- finished and unfinished spaces using the weighted average method.

Finished spaces should use the weighted average method and not use "Individual" LPDs. The reason being- ASHRAE doesnt allow that "Building type methodology" and "space by space methodolgy" should not be combined. 

Have any of you come across this? 

I just want to understand the "right" way to model LPDs in the future.