I have a project that is looking at pursuing a LEED certification. The project is a 23 storey residential facility and was wondering if LEED for Homes: Midrise could be pursued. I had mentioned to them that LEED for Homes: Midrise is for "Multi-family residential buildings of 4 to 8 occupiable stories above grade." Additionally, I let them know that "buildings near 8 stories can inquire with USGBC about using Midrise or New Construction, if appropriate." I let them know that I had heard of some 10 and maybe even 12 storey buildings have been allowed to pursuing Homes: Midrise, but that 23 storeys is likely too many.  However, another consultant, who is also a Provider/ Green Rater, suggested to the client that there is no limit on the number of storeys and that a LEED for Homes: Midrise project would be suitable for this project.

Has there been an addendum that was released clarifying this? I would agree that the 8 storey limit is arbitrary and that all residential properties would fit this rating system. Though it seems unfortunate if only the Providers/Green Raters are privy to this.

Does anyone have any clarification around this?