Hello - We are starting major construction of our home, consisting of a gut-reno of the first floor; addition of a 2nd floor plus attic and porch; new mechanical systems, plumbing, electrical, windows, and doors; removal of all interior walls and ceilings; replacement of all siding and addition of insulation; and bringing the basement into the conditioned space and fixing water problems. Basically, it's a new house except for the foundation, and one partial exterior wall.

Do we qualify for LEED: Homes? It seems like we should, but in going through the flow chart tool on LEEDonline for selecting a certification program, it all comes down to how I answer the question, "Is the addition physically distinct from the rest of the building?" If I answer "yes", it says we qualify. If I answer "no" it says we do not. But I cannot find clarification of what this means.

Thanks! (Posted in LEED Rating Selection Forum as well.)