Hello Pros, 
In regards to listing structural and interior steel products on the LEED coversheet.
I requested the steel subcontractor to complete the LEED coversheet for 2 submittals; one for interior steel and one for structural steel.

The steel subcontractor responds with 1 LEED coversheet for the 2 submittals, copies of certified material reports listing (12) materials from 2 separate manufacturers, EPDs, the 2 manufacturer's recycling letters, The LEED coversheet lists 2-overall costs for each of the 2 manufacturers materials. GRrrrr...

Please confirm or correct for me please:

Each of the 2 submittal LEED Coversheets needs to be completed for each submittal;
All (12) steel materials need to listed separately on each of their related LEED coversheets, with each of their corresponding costs. No umbrella cost.

Thank you for your input! - AP