We happen to have received comments back from two different LEED-CI projects within a week of each other and they appear to include contrary interpretations on the issue of whether or not to include base building fixtures in the prerequisite calculation. Both were submitted AFTER the July 19, 2010 Addenda. (Btw, going to the USGBC LEED Addenda page DOES NOT give access to this document! Very frustrating!) For the prerequisite, in the first case the commenter wrote: "...note that fixtures which are not installed or modified as part of the LEED-CI project scope of work may not be included in the calculations for WEp1." As is typical, this project was a several-level tenant fit-out with a pre-existing "core" on each floor which includes circulation, elevators, and restrooms. They were brand-new, and not modified as part of the scope of work for the tenant fit-out. In the second case, similar in all respects except that it is a single floor, the commenter wrote (again for the prerequisite,) "The calculations include all fixtures installed by the LEED-CI project scope of work as well as all fixtures within the LEED-CI Project Boundary (such as all base building fixtures accessible only via the LEED-CI tenant space)..." This has been a source of deep frustration for us. Looking at the plans, the "core" is grayed out: not part of the project scope of work. Yet, those core restrooms are entirely surrounded by the tenant space, and are used exclusively by the tenants of our project. For the WE Prerequisite, which is it? In or out?