In MRc2 Option 1, the second bullet under "Life-cycle assessment and environmental product declarations" says:

Product-specific Type III EPD -- Internally Reviewed. Products with an internally critically reviewed LCA in accordance with ISO 14071. Products with product-specific internal EPDs which conform to ISO 14025, and EN 15804 or ISO 21930 and have at least a cradle to gate scope are valued as one whole product for the purposes of credit achievement calculation.

Do I understand it right that the ISO14071 is only for products with an internally reviewd LCA? Further I wonder if this means that the EPD should comply with three standards: ISO 14071, ISO 14025 and either EN 15804 or ISO21930 or is it enough to show complaince with either ISO 14071 or then ISO 14025 + EN 15804 or ISO21930? Further,

In v4 it was enoguh to comply with ISO 14025 and EN 15804 or ISO21930... From what I have seen, in most EPD:s ISO 14071 is not mentioned separately, so this could be problematic...