I've scrolled, searched and reviewed the comments here on the thread and I'm still not clear on whether Laminating/Contact adhesives used for bonding laminates to substrates for shop assembled millwork should be reported and exactly how. Follow me on this...

This isn't an exterior product, so therefore it must be included in reporting (this is an NC project). This is not an inherently nonemitting source; therefore it must be reported. Now...here is where LEEDv3 would give guidance and say that it was shop applied and therefore VOC reporting is not required (assumed to be off gassed right). But v4 doesn't indicate that there is an exemption for offsite shop applied adhesives.

So then, it must meet a compliance category. Of the categories for general reporting; adhesives is clearly the category. Therefore, the General Emissions Evaluation is the requirement listed. Additionally, for this category, VOC content requirements are required for any onsite wet applied products. Contact/laminating adhesive is not "onsite wet applied" it is shop applied. So therefore, the VOC content maximum (SCAQMD1168 for contact adhesive) additional requirement is not required.

Therefore, my contact adhesive needs to have been tested under CDPH 1.1 2010 method and meet TVOC requirements therein. No other method of VOC testing matters for v4 for this product - although...to be clear, it would be highly recommended to not exceed the VOC max for a contact adhesive, no matter where it is being applied.

Additionally, I would simply assume that laminating/contact adhesives be at least as stringent as a LEEDv3 and meet requirements for formaldehyde -- although the Reference Guide is silent on this. And I don't want to start confusion with the dropdowns on the calculator issue - that is a separate issue altogether. I'm simply trying to determine if our adhesives ALSO must meet the composite wood evaluation.

All of this would of course be fine, except that I saw a comment within the thread seeming to indicated that laminating/contact adhesives are somehow exempt from LEM reporting altogether.

Certainly we've done v4 projects with laminating/contact adhesives by now...how are other users reporting this or getting comments from GBCI reviewers? Thanks for helping out! sorry for the long post.