Currently there exists no incentive for manufacturer's to publish PPM NOx. Although they have to do is to run some tests, and verify that it is below the SQAMD action levels, to comply with CA requirements. As a result I can only put in 55 and 30 for my two boilers, since that is the testing threshold used. Which is a shame. Projects should be able to:
1. Allowed to trade off between NOx emitters if required, provided that the overall ppm/BTU emitted is below the action levels. Allow flexibility for projects that may feature legacy equipment that cannot be removed, or may require specialty combustion devices like gas flares, etc...
2. Give extra points in terms of exemplary performance for projects whose overall weighted emissions/BTU is below the SQAMD levels. 1 point for 50% below. 2 points for NOx levels below 1 ppm.
These are my ideas, let me know other people think.