Our project is located in Kathmandu, Nepal and I have a few questions regarding the following points.

1. As per the Table 1 page # 104 of 'LEED Reference Guide for Green Building Design & Construction', the Annual Rainfall in Kathmandu is more than 40", which is under Humid Watershed area. To design the system, to capture the runoff, the average rainfall event can be taken as 1" (one inch) of rainfall per 24 hour.
2. But in 'SS Credit 6.1: Stormwater Design - Quantity Control Form' it is mentioned that 'Site Runoff: Two-Years, 24-Hours Design Storm.

Question -1:
"Which value should I take to calculated the site Stormwater Runoff?"

Question - 2:
"While calculating, if the Stormwater Runoff reduction is in negative values or less than 25. What procedure should we follow?"