Is anyone else having a lot of problems currently with invited team members? I've double-checked their actions and there doesnt' seem to be any issues with what they're doing. I've got one team member who can't seem to sign in at all to the LEED website having made an account (he tried changing his password and then was told that his previous password was blocking access to the new email/password combo) and the second one can get onto LEED On-line but when he types in the project number it tells him there is no such project. Both cases I've accessed the website from their computer using my log-in.

If anyone has had any luck submitting a credit that needed the initials of another person and they haven't been able to get that person to log on and initial it, please let me know. I'm not seeing a way around this problem, with my EBOM submittal deadline looming (I've tried FEEDBACK, but with today's lengthy delays, it could be too late)