I'm wondering how to go about benchmarking for a European Project where the building type is a sports facility (not one of the Energy Star building types).

IFMA http://www.ifma.org/tools/research/about_euro_bench.cfm have a benchmark report for europe, but there's no mentioning of which building types are included.

Further more, the data seems scant:"More than 100 surveys were returned within a six-month period. A total of 105 surveys were used for analysis; however, very few of the respondents were able to provide all of the data requested. Not many of the surveys returned provide FTE allocation therefore this could not be covered in this report. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. Staff reviewed all surveys prior to entering data and contacted respondents for aberrant data. Despite this extensive effort, IFMA cannot assume responsibility for errors from research of this nature."

Getting this data may be impossible even when attempted here, due to the privacy factor. How does benchmarking against your own facility work? How would I get the "Project Building's annual weather-normalized Source Energy Use Intensity (from Portfolio Manager)" if a) project is not in the USA and b) is not of any standard building type supported by EnergyStar?