Hi all
we are doing a international project outside US. when we started to prepare for this credit we used the energy star portfolio to get a rating for project building. we filled in all the required information in energy star portfolio and it generated automatically a rating for it. However what bothers us right now is that even though we got a rating for it, it showed a message ** not eligible : Facility must be located in United States and or one of its territories under the column Eligibility for Energy Star in the upper right table named General information

What I undertood from the begninng was that even though the project building was not qualified to apply for a Energy Star certificate due to the fact that it is located outside US, project building can still use Energy star Portfolio for benchmarking and procuring this credit according to case 1 described in the LEED reference Guide for E&B..

Am I still right about this ? Could anyone here confirm me that we can continue to apply energy star portfolio for a rating in line with case 1 no matter where the building is located as long as the building is comprised of ratable spaces. ? I really appreciate if some of you can answer my question!!!!!