Under the credit language for this credit, option 2 – there is NO MENTION of the words “public transportation.” It is clearly identified under options #1 & #3.
Our project at Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, Africa is a military installation /campus. We clearly illustrated 2 campus buses circulating throughout the military base, with more than 2 bus stops for each of 2 bus routes within ¼ mile of our project dormitory.
I’m aware of LEED addendum published 4/1/12, which states "provide direct access to transit facilities within 2 miles of the project site, approximately a 5-10 minute drive, and must be available to all project occupants." However, it doesn’t clearly denote that this addendum is applicable to all 3 options. The addendum was added to the second paragraph on page 43 with regard to “private shuttle buses.”
I don’t consider our buses to be applicable “private shuttle buses.”
Is it fair to be denied this credit under option 2, on a military installation for not denoting a “public transit facility?” I don’t want to pay $500 to appeal this credit if the reviewer is wrong. Djibouti is not the kind of place that has public buses or rail lines.
Ironically, the Djibouti International airport is directly adjacent to / connected to our military base, Camp Lemonier. This airport has international flights - in/out daily. Do I need to pay $500 in protest, to merely point out the location of the international airport, and the fact that most residents on the base or others visiting who desire to fly internationally would likely be flying for “free” on military flights using the same airport?

6 points is too many points to lose at the end of a project! Ouch! Any thoughts would be most appreciated.