The issue is how to model Dwelling units, having in mind that they are not regulated by ASHRAE 90.1. More specifically it refers to the energy model, which is to be provided at Design review stage. The only available LPD in Table 9.6.1 of ASHRAE Standard is for Dormitory, which however is close but different to Dwelling unit.

As recommended by reviewers, I went through the Simulation guidelines of MFHRP and also through LEED Interpretation 5253.

The conclusion I’ve resumed and I’m planning to apply are:

1. Taking credits based on interior lighting savings in dwelling units must be claimed using an Exceptional calculation method

2. This kind of lighting power appears to be considered as process load.

3. The LPD for dwelling units should be entered identical in Baseline and Proposed Design, unless Exceptional Calculation Methodology is provided as described in the reference documents mentioned above.

4. The LPD is to be 1.1 W/sf as stated in the Simulation guidelines of MFHRP, Version 1.0, Revision 02, September 2013.

5. Baseline and Proposed Design lighting inside dwelling units shall be modeled as lit for 2.34 hours per day as per item of the Simulation guideline.

6. This kind of lighting power shall be entered in the Process tab of MEP Calculator as Non-Receptacle Process Equipment

Please provide some comments and/or confirmation of the assumptions I’ve summarized above, so that to be able to comply correctly to the LEED and ASHRAE requirements.