Hi Elliot,

We are currently analyzing the possibility of a project (in Panama City, Panama) to become the first LEED for Neighborhood Development certified project in the region, but in terms of meeting the requirements of this Pre Requisite, we doubt that our project complies.

The project is 57.70 acres and comprises the first phase of a large development project. Based on local codes, the land uses of this phase are considered institutional, commercial and high-density residential (condos).

This phase only has one internal road that connects this phase with the exterior of the property (at two points) and with phase 2 (at one point), so we only have 3 intersections in total. According to the requirements of NPDp3 and the gross area of the project, we should have at least 13 intersections.

In addition to the aforementioned intesections, each of the lots is connected to the main road through an access road. There are 18 access roads in total and none of them is gated.

I was wondering if the intersections of the access roads with the main road could be counted towards the intersection total amount or if there was an ACP we can use so that our project design meet the requirements of the pre requisite.