Hi all,

We got a request from a building owner recently. They would like add shower/changing rooms as an amenity to their existing 10-story office building (with possibility of retain on the first floor) and they would like to make sure that if they would like to pursue LEED in the future, they have a right number of those and won't have to redo anything when the time comes.

I think LEED O+M is the only category they could pursue. However I have never done LEED O+M and from what I read so far O+M is generally about making the existing conditions better.

So my initial questions are...

1) The number of shower/changing rooms are not a part of credit. But choice of plumbing fixtures, material are. Is it correct?
2) If they plan to have a bike storage in the future, would the shower/changing room will be required?
3) What would be the best way to obtain the occupancy count? We have floor plans and gross area could we use default count from Appendix 2 as a starter? Or it is best to get the numbers from the owner? If so, how would you suggest them?

Any recommendation from you guys on how to approach or explain to the building owner, it would be greatly appreciated. I am posting some of the questions to USGBC but haven’t heard back and thinking I might get quicker response from here.

Thank you,