I have an industrial flooring product that is a 3-part system (primer, waterproof membrane and topcoat (which is solid gray).

It would be installed on the concrete slab of a mechanical penthouse to waterproof and seal the floor. The VOC contents are super low and meet both SCAQMD 1168 and 1113.

Would this system be considered an architectural coating?

I wouldn't consider it an architectural adhesive, primer or sealant (SCAQMD 1168) other than the primer componet. The manufacturer's LEED info references SCAQMD 1168.

Under what category would the primer be listed?
None of the categories in Table IEQc4-1 seem right. I wouldn't consider it sealant primer.

Should the primer component be listed in Table IEQc4-6 as a Waterproofing, Concrete/Masonry, since it is part of the waterproofing system?

We going for Group 3 - Flooring, Option 1 at the moment, but may have to do a Combo of both Option 1 and Option 2.

If that is the case, all products would also have to have documentation that they have beentested in compliance with CDPH/EHLP Standard Method v1.1 by an independent 3rd party, correct?