We have an open office with 42” H workstations and are pursuing the v4 Quality Views credit. We have performed calculations & view sections based on the typical 42” H workstations and are showing compliance.

The team is considering “sit-stand” work surfaces and our question is whether the “sit-stand” design element is considered a non-permanent interior obstruction.

The “sit-stand” work surface would allow each individual workstation user to elevate his/her work surface to a stand position. This provides an ergonomic solution allowing individuals to easily modify their positions.

When a "sit-stand" work surface is elevated to standing position, the work surface, flat screen monitors, and privacy screen would all rise together for the individual work surface only.

Based on the v4 Reference Guide requirements:
Include in the calculations any permanent interior obstructions. Movable furniture and partitions may be excluded.

Definition per v4 Reference Guide:
Permanent interior obstruction: a structure that cannot be moved by the user without tools or assistance from special trades and facilities management.

Based on the above definition, we believe the moveable “sit-stand” (work surface, monitors, and privacy screen) do not fall under the definition of permanent interior obstructions, since they can be easily moved by the user without assistance from special trades and facilities management. Therefore, our calculations should be performed with the 42”H workstations throughout.

Can you please provide guidance that the "sit-stand" user adjustment elements are not considered permanent interior obstructions, therefore our calculations would be completed in the typical 42”H position?

Thank you!