Our project is to build a two-story office building in Indonesia. For cooling, the building will be served by AC using VRF system (ceiling cassette) in each designated space that has MERV6 filter. Since this project is located in a tropical climate region (climate zone 1), heating is not applicable.

For ventilation, there is no applicable local code or local equivalent, so we assume ASHRAE 62.1-2007 standard should stand. Our current design is to provide natural ventilation only and no mechanical ventilation.

However, I got confused with the following:
"the naturally ventilated spaces shall be permanently open to and within 8 m (25 ft) of operable wall or roof openings to the outdoors, the openable area of which is a minimum of 4% of the net occupiable floor area". I'm not familiar with ventilation, or let alone ASHRAE.

Operable wall and openable area above are two different things right? Are operable wall include windows only, or could include doors as well?

Subsequently, does the openable area can be in the shape of windows or doors as well?

Do the 4% of the openable area of naturally ventilated space must always be opened or can we close it?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I got the impression from the statement above that the naturally ventilated space should have distance to the operable windows and have an openable area which is 4% of occupiable floor area

How about if our design is to provide the occupiable space (mainly the regularly occupied space) with operable windows that can be open directly to the outside air. That the openable area are the operable windows area. Can this be acceptable?

Based on the above information, we would likely to fill the leedonline form as follows :
1. Only checks "natural ventilation" and "mechanical condition" box
2. Tick NO for "Is the project located outside of the U.S. and pursuing Option 2 or a local equivalent in Option 1"
3. Filling the Table IEQp1-A5. Natural Ventilation - System Name and Number: (AHU 1) with : Windows

Is this correct?