I am working on a major renovation project - 11 story office building. Due to the time constraints/cost of flushing we have decided to try for testing.

Facts are:
- Nov 26th, 2014 date for total substantial completion (building turnover)
- floors will be completed From June 26th until Nov 17th (each floor completed every week or so)
- Heating is by hot water coils in vav boxes, cooling by chilled beams, ventilation by two large roof-top units for the entire building (through the vav boxes)
- every floor's ventilation can be closed off - both return and supply air
- it is not phased occupancy - but size of building and owners requiements means that some floors will be completed ahead of others
- the building will not be turned over until after Nov 26th - no owner suppyed materials will be brought in
- basement and floors 2 through 11 will be occupied fully by the government
- main floor will have some tenent spaces to be determined

Questions are:
#1 - can we phase the IAQ testing as the floors become available?
#2 - will we have to wait until the entire building is completed before testing?
#3 - on the main floor, there are a few tenent spaces - will they need to be tested?

Thanks in advance!