This is an interesting credit point with little information besides a reference to the EPA I-BEAM. There seems to be a wide range of responses to the challenges set forth in obtaining this credit point.

On one end of the spectrum LEEDuser provides advice to hire a professional IAQ consultant. On the other end, advice is given to simply have the I-BEAM survey conducted by any in-house staff with free time. That's my first concern - it really can't be both easy and complex at the same time to conduct this type of building survey.

I've been considering the IEQ/IAQ aspect of LEED for some time I'm still somewhat perplexed as to how LEED views IAQ. It may simply follow the nuanced variations and approach of Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Science, and Environmental Engineering to Indoor Air and Occupancy issues. If anyone can enlighten me, or at the very least answer a few questions I'll pose at the end of this comment, I will greatly appreciate it.

Clearly, EPA utilized a staff that probably included at least one Professional Engineer to prepare their I-BEAM program. At the very least, by referencing ASHRAE standards, we can presume I-BEAM was essentially created from the perspective of an engineer. I'm a Certified Industrial Hygienist and recently obtained my LEED AP. I have as yet to submit for this credit point.

First, a technical question, is it necessary to examine every HVAC component or is a representative survey and examination sufficient? The commercial buildings I work numerous floors, mechanical rooms, and hundreds of VAV boxes, for example.

I have a lot of experience with conducting IAQ surveys. While my surveys include many elements of I-BEAM, I've never specifically used I-BEAM and I'm not aware of any CIH or IAQ consultant who routinely uses I-BEAM.

Second Question, on the presumption that IAQ consultants do not use I-BEAM, how is it that LEED requires I-BEAM and suggests that anyone on staff with basic knowledge of HVAC and building systems or who reviews some modules about these topics, is qualified to complete the IAQ I-BEAM survey for this credit point? If you are an IAQ consultant who routinely uses I-BEAM outside of this LEED requirement, I'll be glad to hear from you.

That's it. Thank you.