Hi all,

We have a project where there will be all-gender restrooms on some floors (Option 1: Build only all-gender facilities), but on other floors, there will be a gendered multi-stall restroom paired with single-stall all-gender restrooms (Option 2a: Two single-stall, all-gender restrooms shall be provided with each bank of multi-stall, gendered restrooms). Has anyone had success submitting this 'hybrid' approach?

The Owner has not previously incorporated a larger multi-stall all-gender restroom in a project before and wanted to try this at one level of the project. All-gender facilities are being provided on all floors to strive to meet the credit intent but using the approach of both Option 1 and 2A throughout the building. In a future version of the credit, wondering if this 'hybrid' approach could be a more flexible way to incorporate all-gender restrooms.