We are currently working on a naturally ventilated project located in Lima, Peru and we are having problems achieving the minimum 5% saving in energy consumption for the energy prerequisite. The project is a high voltage laboratory with a faraday cage, which is part of a university.
For the energy model, we assumed the following miscellaneous loads according to ASHRAE:

Educational Facilities - Laboratory (university college - high intensity) - Exh 5 L/(s*m2) Miscellaneous:                                                                                     270.00 W/m2

Since the entire laboratory is naturally ventilated, the only consumption in the building originates from interior and exterior lighting and interior equipment, which make up 1.1% – 0.2%, and 98.8% of the total consumption respectively. Due to the high component of equipment, the component of interior lighting design is barely reflected in overall savings, although individually the lighting design reduces consumption by 37%.

Is there any form that this project can achieve the minimum energy savings?
How can the energy savings for lighting be better considered?
Is the miscellaneous load correctly assumed for such a high voltage laboratory with a faraday cage?