Many CIRs address the issue of FTE to an extent, but it seems there might be multiple strategies for accounting for various occupancies. (Hotels near transit can exclude guest occupants- v2.2 SSc4.2 1/23/09, modifying the FTE to place guests in the transients category - v2.1 SSc4.2 6/20/2008, etc). And many of the referenced CIRs are built up from College Campuses, then Airports, but Hotels still seem a little mysterious.

For FTE it is clear: CIR v2.1 SSc4.2 6/20/2008 and the guest belong in transient calculations.

But would guests count toward a Residential occupancy (same usage rate essentially as a home, i.g. there at morning and night)?

Based on this CIR, guest would only be transient in the correct FTE, right? Whereby certain transient populations can be excluded from the calculations in determining the number of required bike storage spaces and showers.

Ssc4.2 is really about making biking more convenient for full time users, however, in this credit, FTE numbers have an impact on usage and occupancy numbers effect overall end water use (and water reduction).

It seems awkward then to place hotel guests in transient for WEc3.1 as guests are more likely to shower and use water fixtures.

I'm posting this same inquiry in SSc4.2 in regards to FTE numbers for hotel guests.