Hi all,

we are pursuing group certification for project with 5 separated above ground buildings (section A,B,C,D,E) connected with underground parking garages.

Each section has different number of employees (and peak visitors) and separated entrance.

Please, is anyone experienced with group approach in certification when having this type of project?

E.g. - when calculating and placing short-time bike racks - does each section have to have exact number of racks, adequately placed within 30 meters to each exact entrance, or can I place the total number of bike racks (calculated from the TOTAL amount of TOTAL number of peak-visitors) within 30m to any entrance?

What is the purpose of the credit - to allow the visitor to arrive by bike and lock it safely, or to allow the visitor to reach the designated building by bike within a maximum distance of 30m?

There is no on-groung connection between the buildings. Buildings are connected only by underground garages, from which vertical roads (stairs, elevators) lead to individual sections.

Thank you very much for response.

Barbora Cicvárková