Hello everyone!

I am working on 2 buildings that are registered in one project following the group approach.

We did not report the buildings seperatly on the MEPC in the first submittal and, as such, the GBCI reviewer just commented that we needed to do that (report multiple buildings on the MEPC) and to "show that each building independently complies with the prerequisite requirement. It is noted that to document both buildings in one MEPC, line 20 in the General Information tab shall be updated to state yes to multiple buildings."

When filling out the MEPC, we do notice some differences that need to comply (i.e., WWR needs to be 40% for each one of the 2 buildings and that assesseent occurs individually). As we understand, for each one of the buildings to comply with the prerequisit requirements individually, we need to demonstrate a 5% energy savings for each one of them. Am I right to assume this?

Additionally, we do not have any field / tab to demonstrate that individual cmpliance on the MEPC, because we only have 1 field to input energy savings for the whole project to demontrate compliance (as we ordinarilly have in single building projects).

How should I proceed to demonstrate compliance? Or is this something that does not need to be addressed?

Thank you all in advance!