I just received my design preliminary review back for a Schools 2009 project and they commented on PIf3 that the total regularly occupied area reported was inaccurate because some of my gross areas were not the same as the regularly occupied areas for each space usage type.

This is true in that I have different numbers listed for gross area and regularly occupied area in each space usage type because for the gross floor area I included the area for partitions, but for the regularly occupied I did not, essentially the regularly occupied area is a net area excluding the partitions.

How should I revise this? Just make my regularly occupied areas the same as the gross even though it would include wall area, and possibly hurt my other credits? Or, put my gross wall area in another space usage type??

I was trying so hard to make sure that everything would be consistent across my credits that require the regularly occupied area and now I'm perplexed as to how to make this work. Any ideas, past experience is appreciated!