We got the following technical advice for a project:

"VOC emissions evaluation has not been provided for USG Sheet rock All Purpose joint compound. Note that the manufacturers claim of third party certification (Greenguard Gold, in this case) is not sufficient."

The UL Greenguard Gold certificate is not a manufacturer's claim, but issued by UL. Moreover, the July 2019 version of "Low Emitting Third Party Certifications and Labels" published by USGBC list Green Guard Gold as an acceptable certification as long as TVOC levels are reported. Page 2 of the certificate reports the maximum permissible TVOC levels, showing that any product with the certification has TVOC levels within the reported criteria.

My question is aren't Greenguard Gold certificates enough to show compliance. Should we also hunt for the test certificates, and has this rule changed for version 4.1? Looking forward to your thoughts.