I am a little unsure about how to manage the question regarding green cars in connection of the evaluation and calculation of green transportation LTc1.

In the LT-survey that has already been conducted, we have defined electrical-driven cars in Denmark as green and with a green score of 45 or above. The sold electical vehiles in Danmark have a green score of minimum 2.5 stars based on the latest green ncap rating (https://www.greenncap.com/). It is assumed that this equals to a green score of 45 or above.
Other cars are driven by petrol gasolin and we have considered these not to be green in the LT-calculation.

Is that sufficient details in order to fulfill the required documentation, or do we have to conduct a new survey, or do we need to manage the input from the survey in an other way?

We can also assume that all cars are not green and obtain a good score, since the building is located very sustainable close to public transportation and in the city and there is good possibility for telecommunication in the organisation. 

Unfortunately I do not have the car names.