Hi, we are a GC on a LEED NCv2009 project & need to paint some interior glass. I'm trying to confirm the VOCs the paint/coating needs to comply with. It's a 2 component high performance glass coating. Since we're painting on a glass transom, it doesn't seem to fall under the scope of GS-11 paints. It's really a specialty paint. SCAQMD Rule 1113 doesn't really cover glass paints. None of their categories as defined really have such paint type. However SCAQMD Rule 1145 is exactly for glass paints (as well as leather paints, etc.) There is a 2 component glass paint category in the rule but the VOC limit for that change by rule dates below:

420 g/L as of 12/3/04, 

300 g/l as of 1/1/06,

120 g/l as of 1/20/08.

per https://www.arb.ca.gov/drdb/sc/suphtml/r1145_s_12-04-09.pdf

Has anyone used Rule 1145 for interior glass paints and if so which ruling date & max. VOC level id they use for LEED NCv2009?

Thank you!!!