We would like to clarify some questions regarding the credit EQc8.1 – Daylighting for buildings pursuing LEED 2009 Core&Shell certification in Brazil.

When it comes to Core&Shell buildings, we apply the Tenant Sales and Lease Agreement compliance path for any device that will not be installed in the building by the end of construction stage. EQc8.1 credit requests the use of glare control devices for all options and do not accept the Tenant Sales and Lease Agreement compliance path.

Glare control devices are usually considered by architectural design in Brazil including ceiling and fenestration projects. Even though glare control devices are not delivered by the contractor, they are always installed during interior fit-out by the tenant. Due to the daylight availability in tropical climates such as Brazil and their consequent frequently exacerbated discomfort and disability glare problems, tenants are naturally forced to install glare control devices as to provide minimum comfort conditions for the occupants.

According to this scenario above, we would like to know what would be a possible path to comply with credit requirements. Considering that is not possible to use, in this situation, the Tenant Sales and Lease Agreement, how can we proceed to get the credit compliance?