Hello all,
We have a LEED v2009 C&S project in Germany now. LEED asks for energy simulation according to ASHRAE Standard for the Prerequisite Minimum Energy Performance and Credit Optimized Energy Performance. Considering that the project is located in Germany, can the Standard DIN V18599 be an acceptable alternative for LEED? The detailed name of DIN V18599 is Energetic evaluation of buildings - Calculation of the net, final and primary energy demand for heating, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water and lighting. (https://www.beuth.de/en/pre-standard/din-v-18599-11/142651548)
The calculations are made for examining compliance with the german national Energy Saving Law. After the simulation and calculation, each project will get a Energy Saving Law Certificate, so called "EnEV Nachweis" in german, which shows the percentage in which the designed building is better than the reference building. Information about primary energy consumption, end energy and energy sources are also available.
Since our engineers have few ideas about the ASHRAE standard, I would like to know if we can use DIN V18599 instead of ASHRAE, and provide the Energy Saving Law Certificate as the submittal.

Thank you in advance.