Has anyone else come across the issue of finding a CDPH v1.1-2010 compliant Safing Insulation or SAFB Insulation?
The contractor submitted the Owens Corning/Thermafiber SAFB and Safing and according to their new LEED v4 compliance table, neither product meets for Low Emitting Materials.
I performed a general search for both "Safing" and "SAFB" on UL Spot but there are no other compliant products indicated there either. I've also looked into the Johns Manville MinWool Safing that came up on UL Spot but it is only compliant with GreenGuard, not GreenGuard Plus.
I was able to locate what might be a compliant replacement for the SAFB, on UL Spot, the Roxul AFB, but would need to get that approved by the architect as it doesn't meet the spec currently.

After doing quite a bit of research on this topic and then circling back to the possibility that maybe I'm overthinking this since I can't seem to locate even a single compliant Safing. The requirement specifically states that the General Emissions Evaluation is required for "Ceilings, Walls, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation". Is it possible that Fireproofing Insulation is not included in this requirement? The Safing is definitely without a doubt a Fireproofing Insulation. The SAFB may be on the border as it is short for Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets, so that may lean a bit more toward Acoustic...but also provide fire protection. Also since there is the Roxul AFB that might be enough for a GBCI reviewer to say, "well, there was a compliant option out there for this product.".

Looking forward to any input or thoughts. Wow is tracking down all of the various information for the Building Product Disclosures and Low Emitting Materials submittals or to even verify the submittals as accurate is a beast with this new LEED v4!!