I've read through the posts related to this subject but for laminating adhesives and millwork.  My question is similar but pertains to the requirement for a flooring assembly assembled off site needing to be tested for compliance with the General Emissions Evaluation criteria as well as a single "flooring" product.

The flooring assembly is composed of: a steel&concrete raised access floor [RAF] panel, an adhesive and the final vinyl flooring material.  I received a comment back from LEED-Coach question stating, similarly, that the assembled-in-shop assembly needs to be tested to meet the General Emissions Evaluation criteria.  I share the other contributor's sentiment that this requirement that falls onto the general or subcontractor/installer to take their assembly for testing seems challenging and a request that will receive resistence.  

However, given this requirement is something LEED v4 requires, does anyone know of a database of testing facilities that do testing for material installer assemblies that I can refer my projects GC to so their sub's work won't preclude the LEED project from meeting all five categories?