Hi, I'm looking at a potential LEED ND project in Almaty Kazakhstan of 39 acres, mainly residential. The project probably qualifies as an infill site. I've just realized that its planned as a gated community. The owner is willing to add a second gate to the south which would give 1/4 mile access to the majority of residents to 2 bus stops, thereby satisfying SLL Pr1 either by Option 1 or Option 3. However I'm stumped by NPDp3. Clearly internal gated areas cannot contribute to this pre-requisite, but it does not disallow the entire neighbourhood being gated. Or does it by implication (that no internal streets can be counted because they are inside a gated community). Can anyone give me a definitive answer on this? It would be a pity if it failed on this technicality, since the majority of bordering area is the backs of single-family houses, whereas the gates can be located proximate to services and transport.