I am working on a 4-story mixed use project with retail on the first floor and apartment units above. For the residences, we have 95.5% views, but I was wondering how to treat the retail spaces. Our project does not include designing the retail spaces. For our project, the first floor is a large open space, and future tenant fit-outs will be handled in later projects. The tenants haven't even been contracted yet.

Even though we don't know what the final fit-out will be like, we are confident that the 90% views will be met. The north exterior wall is 76% 10-foot-high storefront glazing (77' out of 101' total linear feet), while the south wall is 71% storefront (59' out of 83' total linear feet). With so much glass, it is likely that views will be accessible from most - if not all - of the regularly occupied spaces, but there's really no way to tell.

How do we treat this type of future fit-out in documenting this credit? Do we leave out the retail floor from our calculations all together? Do we include the large open space? Any suggestions? Thank you.